I've made a most curious discovery. On the White Lotus website, they offer what they call ruh(s). They have about 5 of them among which are the best known jasmines (grandiflorum, sambac, etc.). I ordered a small bottle of the jasmine grandiflorum and was completely blown away.

From what I can deduce from the website, ruhs are made like rose otto except with jasmine. The jasmine petals are distilled with water and the (very sparse) oil that floats to the top is the ruh. In fact, a ruh is an essential oil, analogous to rose otto, but with jasmine.

When my jasmine ruh arrived, I was amazed by the fragrance which seemed to be the most accurate interpretation of jasmine I had ever encountered. I put it on a strip and put my various absolutes on other strips. The absolutes seemed rather coarse compared to the ruh. Also, amazingly, the ruh (ruh chameli, ruh juhi, and ruh motia) remained on the strip much longer than my various absolutes.

When I ordered the other "flavors" of jasmine and was able, better than with absolutes, to appreciate the nuances and difference between the various ruhs. Of course, the ruhs are expensive but they're so intense and so accurately represent the flower that I find them worth it.