Adding Musk to Green Iris

As I wrote in my last post, I decided that my Green Iris needed a little more gravitas and intrigue.

I took my 21 musks and combined each of them, separately, with about 20 times the amount of Green Iris and let them dry down on smelling strips. Muscone, which started out promising—it has a definite animalic note—lasted too long such that it was the only thing left when the perfume had evaporated. The same happened with Musk Ketone.

Ambrettolide, a suave and sophisticated musk, turned out to be perfect. Its dry down rate matched the rest of the perfume so it was present until the very end, but not after.

But, my main concern was Kate. She had warned me: “Don’t funk it up.” Some musks would indeed funk it up (natural musk in a glorious way), but Ambrettolide is clean and safe. It adds a note of sophistication and depth to the perfume with its smooth sweetness that isn’t cloying. I’m thrilled with the addition. Kate came over this past weekend, and as I waited nervously for her to finish sniffing the smelling strip, she concurred. She liked the musk, with its added mystery, and without hesitation, agreed it should go in.

Now, I must move on and add the Ambrettolide to a larger batch. I’m adding a small amount at a time in case the stuff emerges in a day and takes over. I’m going to let the mixture settle and develop complexity and, in about a month, release it into the world, making it vulnerable to criticism and hopefully praise.

It does contain an accurate depiction of iris—in fact, it reeks of the stuff—dressed up with naturals and aroma compounds. It’s my baby, getting ready for its first day at school.