Why Eau Fraîches?

While animal products, with their rich underlying funk, draw me to any perfume that contains them, so do the opposites of animal products: Aromas whose purpose is not to seduce and intrigue, but to brighten, freshen, and cleanse. These fragrances are sometimes referred to as anti-erogenic.

Many perfumers use these same aromas in eaux fraîches—roughly translated as “cool water”—that contain few heavy musks or sticky resins. In so doing, they have established a trend for those who prefer lighter fragrances—evanescent, but delightful and irresistible. Rather than wear an eau de cologne that clings throughout the day, many prefer the light touch of an eau fraîche, not only on the skin, but in a room or on linens. 

While most eaux fraîches are blends, Brooklyn Perfume Company’s eaux fraîches show off four individual anti-erogenic aromas that are rarely smelled alone. Vetiver smells only of vetiver; Galbanum only of galbanum; Neroli of neroli; Violet leaf of violet leaf. There are no aroma chemicals and no blending with other naturals.

Except for Neroli, which is emphatically floral, each scent is one expression of green. Galbanum smells like herbaceous gin, Violet Leaf like freshly crushed cucumbers, and Vetiver like freshly cut grass combined with rare woods.

Brooklyn Perfume Company’s eaux fraîches contain not only alcohol, but water to make them more refreshing and to keep them from burning when sprayed on a freshly shaved face. 

Many like to collect and layer the various eaux fraîches to create distinct and fascinating personal scents. They are beautiful in a room and as a refreshing face spray in the afternoon. 

These special eaux fraîches are versatile, refreshing, and unique.