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Be it sexy animalic musks, rich woods and resins, a burst of the ocean, or fresh vetiver and sandalwood, brooklyn perfume company’s eclectic line offers unusual takes on the classics. Inspired by perfumes of the past, these fragrances are different than any perfumes available today. They contain unusual and luxurious substances such as distilled amber, ambergris, sandalwood, oud, frankincense, and more.


Bright, fresh, yet sophisticated, Green Iris turns heads. While clean and radiant, a subtle darkness lurks below. It is the embodiment of restrained luxury. SHOP GREEN IRIS


Distill tobacco and a few dark and dirty things with burnished antique jewelry and Amber emerges. Sensual, even carnal. Just like the animals we are. SHOP AMBER


Mineral and marine, Ambergris unfurls in a wave. Like the sea, it is unknowable, ineffable. Powerful at first, it grows discrete with the passing of time. SHOP AMBERGRIS


Lush and tantalizing. Sandalwood is caressed with a green vetiver from India. Refreshingly sophisticated throughout the day and deep into the night. SHOP SANDALWOOD


It's exotic, it's erotic, it's rare. Those who wear it are taken, taken to place where mystery lurks. It is Oud. SHOP OUD


Musk is disruptive, disturbing, yet discrete. It’s smooth, with an attractant. A powerful lure impossible to resist. SHOP MUSK