This resin-derived oil may incite a grimace of confusion or a suppressed giggle. Most of those who encounter it for the first time either reach for the bottle to spray it again or run the other way. GALBANUM leaves no one indifferent. 

GALBANUM starts out as a gum. Sometimes the gum is extracted with solvents such as hexane (very pure gasoline) to make a resin which can then be dissolved in alcohol to create an absolute. Most of the time, however, galbanum gum is distilled into an essential oil. Like the other aromas in this collection, it is rarely encountered on its own, but enters into many perfume blends. Here it is offered up as it is, in its purest form, unmasked.

To say that GALBANUM smells “green” is an understatement. It is perhaps the greenest natural ingredient out there and is so green as to seem even greener than under-ripe plants. Some people react to it as though biting into a lemon; green in perfume being like acid in cooking. 

When you smell BPC’s GALBANUM eau fraîche, you may first be only aware of greenness. If you persist, however, you’ll be able to dissect its elements. There are both a piney aspect and a vegetable one, but also something that runs deeper, a kind of impenetrable green essence. This monolithic green component is what drives this natural perfume and gives it its weirdness; dissonant and harmonious at the same time. 

GALBANUM is especially fun to play with in combination with other eaux fraîches or other perfumes. Its central green heart combines with other materials and in many cases “finishes” them, much like final seasonings bring disparate flavors into focus.