An eau fraîche, meaning “cool water,” is a light tincture of aromatic ingredients in alcohol and water. Brooklyn Perfume Company’s eaux fraîches are made to refresh, lighten, and help begin the day. Spray a little toward the ceiling and stand under, letting the mist fall upon you. Or spray yourself directly in the face (eyes closed) for a burst of clean scent. Keep in mind that an eau fraîche isn’t as persistent as an eau de cologne, but rather engraves a mental olfactory image that cleanses the spirit and awakens the mind. 

While the scent of BPC’s eaux fraîches is light, its effect is not. When sprayed in a room or on the skin, a spritz of an eau fraîche strikes with an olfactory jolt of refreshing natural greenness. The NEROLI smells like an orange turned into a flower. These aromas are of natural things, familiar yet never consciously smelled before.  We invite you to try them out.