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Brooklyn Perfume Company’s SANDALWOOD eau de parfum is designed to amplify the smell of sandalwood oil, otherwise quite subtle. Our Sandalwood has a deep, woody background accented with a small amount of vetiver. Vetiver gives perfumes a bright green woody quality that freshens what otherwise might be a heavy mixture. This touch of green aroma is characteristic of the best sandalwood.

The best sandalwood, and that used by Brooklyn Perfume Company, comes from the eastern Indian region of Mysore. Traditional sandalwood comes from old, wild and practically extinct trees, but that used in our perfume is made from sustainable harvested trees. It has been well aged to develop an even deeper aroma.

Sandalwood oil has been used for millennia and is made by distilling the wood of the tree to come up with a viscous, golden, and aromatic liquid. It has a slightly sweet (but never cloying) and balsamic somewhat animalic aroma. Good sandalwood perfumes – those that actually resemble the wood and not some fantasy of it – are best worn in the evening when their soft toasty aromas can blend with rich surroundings, perhaps scented by perfumes others are wearing.  

I remember, as a child, my mother cleaning out a closet and pulling out an old sandalwood fan that her mother bought in the 1920s. It had a distinct dry, dusty aroma that today I might call “powdery.” It took me years to discover that most sandalwood oil smells nothing like the raw wood. But I finally tracked down a sandalwood oil that I now use as a model – a batch of original Mysore oil from the 1930s. I then endeavored to make a sandalwood that resembled as much as possible my antique treasure and, after a ridiculous amount of struggle, I think I’ve come up with something pretty good, if not an exact replica of my “gold standard.”